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Funnels & Accessories

Funnels & Accessories

Safety funnels allow safe and comfortable filling of plastic canisters, combi-barrels and 2"-barrels

Safety funnels neeed to be screwed on container, have a flame trap, an overfill protection as well as a closure head to reduce vapors

Grouding through direct contact in case of conductive containers - for all others there is an extra grounding connection

Flame traps of safety funnels can be unscrewed and removed, e.g. for easy cleaning or exchange

Plug-in funnel for easy and safe filling of safety cans, -canisters and -barrels

We offer a broad range of accessories for our products (e.g. soaking trays for safety cans to additionally use them as moistener, metering devices for transportation containers to use them inside the plant as well, etc.).Thanks to high quality the products from Rötzmeier Sicherheitsbehälter will have a long life. For all that, should there be a need for repair or exchange you will find a selection of spare parts here. You can rely on our secure spare parts service, spare parts are available for many years after your purchase! 
Should you have any problems finding a required article or spare part, please contact us.